List of International VersionsEdit

Country Title Host Aired
Australia What's My Line? John Barnes TCN-9 (1956-1958)
Brazil Adivinhe o que ele Faz? (Guess What He Does?) Heloísa Helena 1950s
Canada (French) Chacun son métier (To Each His Job" or "To Each His Trade) Louis Morisset 1954 to 1959
Chile ¿Quién Soy Yo? (Who Am I?) Enrique Bravo Menadier Canal 13 (1967-1970), TVN (1970-1979)
Czech Republic Hádej kdo jsem? (Guess Who I am !) 2000s
England What's My Line? Gilbert Harding (first episode), Eamonn Andrews (1951-1963, 1984-1987), David Jacobs (1973-1974), Penelope Keith (1988), Angela Rippon (1989-90), Emma Forbes (1994-97), Hugh Dennis (2005 special), Stephen K. Amos (2011 special) BBC (1951-1963), BBC 2 (1973-1974)ITV (1984-1990), HTV and Meridian (1994-1997), BBC Four (2005, special), webcast (2011, special)
Germany Was bin ich? (What am I?) Robert Lembke (1955-1958, 1961-1989), Björn Hergen Schimpf (1999-2005) ARD (1955-1958, 1961-1989), Kabel 1 (1999 2005)
Indonesia Kuis Siapa Dia (Who He/She Is) 1992-present
Italy Cosa fa il Signor X? Fulvia Colombo 1955-1956
Lithuania Kas tu toks? (Who Are You?) Lietuvos Rytas Television (2010-present)
South Korea 1950s-1960s
Spain Adivine su vida (Guess your life) TVE (1960-1961)
Taiwan Aired on the radio according to an interview with Mark Goodson and Bill Todman.
Venezuela Mi Trabajo y Yo (My Job and I) Renny Ottolina RCTV (1960)


  • The Chilean version was part "To Tell the Truth" and part "What's My Line?".
  • There was also a pirated version that aired in Havanna, Cuba. According to an interview, Mark Goodson called the producer and asked him where he got the show. "We took it from a kinescope of a show like it in New York," the producer explained. "I created this show," Goodson said. "You created this show? You must be very intelligent," the producer replied.